Our Team

The Quince is often referred to as the Golden Apple, and at Quince Consulting, we aim to provide you our golden touch.



A vibrant individual within the Information Management arena, Brenda has a generation of experience within the Government space and is well versed with their internal processes and priorities. Hell-bent on achieving maximum efficiencies with the least impact to the workforce, Brenda’s deep knowledge of product and purpose guarantee outcomes on a globally accepted scale.

After hours Brenda doesn’t really know how to sit still and seeks out adventure. She ‘relaxes’ at the bow when yacht racing and is sometimes found at the tiller. She has been swimming with Manta Rays in Indonesia and Hump Back whales in the Pacific Ocean.


It would be challenging to find a more positive, energetic and focused consultant in the Information Management arena. With an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and certification in Training and Assessment, clients say that Alix brings rigor and focus to tough business challenges, ensuring that every detail is thoroughly addressed. Solutions are watertight when guided by Alix’s professional expertise.

Out of the office, Alix enjoys ultramarathon trail running events that take her all over the globe. She ran 53km in the Swiss / French Alps in 2015 and most recently tackled a 120km trail run (climb) in the Italian Dolomites. Stay tuned for what she decides to embark on next!

Quince Consulting is a boutique consulting firm with a team of consultants who are experienced and highly respected within the information and record management industry. We work directly with organisations or with strategic partners to achieve excellence in information management for our clients. We specialise in you and your needs to ensure a quality and compliant solution within the Information Management and Record Keeping Framework.

We can bridge the gap between what you know and what you don’t know in this dynamic industry. ISO15489 still sets the standard and we follow detailed governance protocols to ensure agreed outcomes are met. Our collective skill set encompasses all aspects of system implementation and support in addition to change management and communication expertise. We understand the importance of ‘team’ and how essential it is to a successful project. Our people help your organisation link people, process, technology and information to ensure holistic information management solutions that fit your culture and your future.

With over 30 years combined experience in large and small, public and private organisations all over Australia and internationally – we can tailor a plan from design, implementation, configuration, training and ongoing support to suit your needs and your budget. We will work with your people and your strategic partners to maximise stakeholder engagement and ensure ongoing success with your information management future.

Excellence in customer service and innovative, reliable solutions is a given when you work with Quince. We really love solving problems and making lives easier. Ultimately, we want our Clients to leave work HAPPY, leaving them time to do the things they love.